Health & Nutrition

Why are our Fruit Straps so healthy for you?

Fruit Wise 100% Fruit Straps are just that – 100% natural fruit that is pulped, dried and packaged into a convenient daily serve of fruit. Perfect for lunchboxes and a healthy snack on the go!

What’s so good about Fruit Wise 100% Fruit Straps:
goodness of real fruit
nut free
naturally Gluten Free
no added sugars or artificial sweeteners
no added preservatives (sulphur free)
no added colours or flavouring
vegetarian and vegan friendly

Fruit Wise Natural Fruit Wraps are manufactured in the clean and green environs of the Adelaide Hills.

At Fruit Wise we are committed to producing a superior healthy snack food for everybody to enjoy. We use only the finest quality Australian fruits in our manufacturing process.

With the push to include more healthy choices in the foods we eat Fruit Wise is a complete healthy choice. It takes approximately 1 apple to make each Fruit Strap serving which is 100% fruit without any additives.

Fruit Wise Fruit Straps 100% Fruit Sugar Free

These products are dehydrated using only air. No chemicals are used. The products are suitable for the majority of the population – children, sports people (cyclists, golfers) travellers (light to carry), allergy sufferers and asthmatics included.

Many food additives are detrimental to the health and well-being of children. Food additives have been linked to behavioral problems, illnessess and obesity.

Fruit Wise 100% Fruit is a healthy choice in a balanced diet. They are easily transported (light, not subject to bruising etc) not seasonal, no peeling is required, do not require refrigeration and give the equivalent nutrition of a large piece of fruit. Great in lunch boxes, back packs and glove boxes for when the ‘munchies’ strike and you need an energy boost!