Fruit Wise Apple & Strawberry Fruit Straps 100% Fruit Sugar Free

Apple & Strawberry


Fruit Wise 100% Fruit Straps are just that – 100% natural fruit that is pulped, dried and packaged into a convenient daily serve of fruit. Perfect for lunchboxes and a healthy snack on the go!

What's so good about Fruit Wise 100% Fruit Straps:
goodness of real fruit
nut free
naturally Gluten Free
no added sugars or artificial sweeteners
no added preservatives (sulphur free)
no added colours or flavouring
vegetarian and vegan friendly


Nutritional Info & Ingredients

Min 14g Per 14g Per 100g
ENERGY 190kj 1360kj
PROTEIN 0.2g 1.6g
FAT TOTAL <0.1g 0.7g
– saturated 0.03g 0.2g
– trans fatty acid <0.1g <0.1g
– natural sugars 9.2g 66g
GLUTEN 0mg 0mg
SODIUM 3.9mg 28mg

Ingredients: Apple puree, Strawberry puree
Allergen Statement: No declared allergens
Packed: Made in Australia from Australian ingredients
Storage Instructions: Ambient temperature

Shipping Information

All our products are delivered by Australia Post (Delivery within Australia Only).
For the Fruit Wise Shipping Policy please click here.

Shipping cost are based on the following satchel sizes:
500 gram satchel (up to 25 fruit straps) $8.55 (Best Value – 25 Straps)
1kg satchel (up to 50 fruit straps or 1 x muesli + 25 fruit straps) $11.55
3kg satchel (30 to 150 fruit straps) $14.55 (Best Value – 150 Straps)
5kg satchel (155 to 250 fruit straps) $17.65 (Best Value – 250 Straps)

Maximum weight per order is 20kgs.